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Impressions - Caron Embroidery Floss


Type of Floss:

Caron Impressions is a half wool, half silk blend. The thread is single ply and comes in 36 yard (33 meter) skeins.

Range of Colors :

More than thirty variegated colors and over one hundred solid colors are available in this floss line. Because the variegated threads are hand-dyed, differences in color lots are to be expected, so order plenty of floss for your project. For a complete listing of available colors, visit the Caron Collection website.

Characteristics of Impressions Floss:

Impressions is 50% wool and 50% silk. This gives the floss an interesting sheen because the two fibers reflect light differently. The thread has more density than silk alone or cotton. This will give projects more depth and intensity.

Tips for Usage:

One strand will be sufficient for most counts of Cross Stitch Fabric.

It may be best to stitch a test swatch of stitches on the fabric you choose to ensure you achieve the look you want.

Submit a Tip on Working With Impressions:

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Submit a Photo of a Project:

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Floss Conversion Charts:

Handy Floss Conversion Charts make it easy to change floss colors in a design.

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