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Rainbow Gallery Subtlety Silk Floss


Rainbow Gallery Subtlety Silk Floss

Subtlety Floss

Photo © Connie G. Barwick

Type of Floss:

Rainbow Gallery Subtlety Floss is 100% Silk that is close in size to pearle cotton #12.

Range of Colors:

Subtlety is dye to match the colors in the Splendor, Grandeur and Elegance floss lines. There are about 20 colors in the range at present.

Characteristics of Subtlety Floss:

Subtlety is a very tightly twisted silk perle that is close to perle cotten #12. The tight twist gives it a more crisp appearance. Be sure to maintain the twist as you stitch to avoid knots on the back of the canvas.

Tips for Usage:

It is a great fiber for stitching fine counted work and for use in Hardanger. Since it is dye matched to the other silks Subtlety can be used in conjunction with them to give even more texture. The color numbers are the same across the lines. The prefixes are different according to the floss line. Y is the prefix for Subtlety.

This floss is very strong making it great for pulled thread work.

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