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Rainbow Gallery Wisper Floss - Mohair and Nylon Blend


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Rainbow Gallery Wisper Floss

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Type of Floss:

Rainbow Gallery Wisper Floss is a fuzzy blend of mohair and nylon.

Range of Colors:

There are about 30 different colors of Wisper thread.

Characteristics of Wisper Floss:

Wisper is made up of 80% Mohair and 20% Nylon (added for strength). The floss is furry and fuzzy and will add great texture to projects. Use to add an interesting touch to Santa's beard or for animal motifs.

Tips for Usage:

Use one to two ply for most fabric counts. It is best to use a hoop or frame for projects. Watch your stitching tension.

Use a laying tool or a large tapestry needle to control the floss as you stitch. Completing each cross stitch as you go will also make it easier to stitch with Wisper floss.

Submit a Tip on Working With Wisper:

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Submit a Photo of a Project:

If you use Wisper floss in a project, send in a photo of it for the About.com Cross Stitch Photo Album. Read the Photo Submission Guidelines to find out more.

Floss Conversion Charts:

Handy Floss Conversion Charts make it easy to change floss colors in a design.
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