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Illustrations, Diagrams and Step-by-Step Instructions for Stitches

Learn about stitches used for Cross Stitch designs, from basic to advanced. Illustrations and diagrams accompany step-by-step stitch instructions.
  1. Back Stitch and Variations (10)
  2. Cross Stitch Techniques (4)
  3. Cross Stitch and Variations (39)
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  5. Related Embroidery Styles (45)

Learn How to Stitch Cross Stitch Variations
Learn how to stitch variations on the cross stitch with these free tutorials.

Learn to Stitch Back Stitch Variations
Using alternate forms of the back stitch allows you to change the looks of a project instantly. These stitches are also great for creating simple borders around Cross Stitch designs.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Stitching a Single Cross Stitch
Detailed instructions for how to stitch a single cross stitch, accompanied by photos and tips.

Cross Stitch Diagram
Simple diagram of a cross stitch with instructions and list of supplies needed.

Stitch a Row of Cross Stitches
Diagram with instructions for stitching a short row of cross stitches.

How to Stitch a Quarter Stitch
The quarter stitch is the most difficult stitch of the basic stitches used in Cross Stitch, especially when stitching on Aida fabric. This diagram includes tips for making this stitch more manageable.

Two Cross Stitch Techniques - Stab and Sew Methods
Descriptions and illustrations related to the two stitching techniques used in Cross Stitch.

Six Lessons for Beginning Stitchers - Learn to Back Stitch
Back stitch is used to create lines, letters, and detail in Cross Stitch designs. Follow the steps in these tutorials to master this stitch.

How to Stitch Cross Stitch Variations
Use cross stitch variations to replace some or all of the cross stitches in small designs or borders to give your projects a slightly different look. Many of these stitches are used in advanced Cross Stitch Designs and other counted thread work.

How to Stitch a French Knot
Learn to stitch a French Knot - the bane of many stitcher's existence, but a necessary stitch to know.

How to Stitch a Colonial Knot
Tutorials and videos illustrate how to do a Colonial Knot.

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