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Stitching Supplies - How to Choose and Use Cross Stitch Tools

Find information about how to choose and properly use, care for and store basic cross stitch supplies. Learn about new tools and products for cross stitch.
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  3. Fabrics/ Stitching Surfaces (38)
  4. Flosses and Fibers (54)
  5. General Tools (14)
  6. Hoops and Frames (6)
  7. Shopping (11)
  8. Stitcher's Library (170)
  9. Storage Solutions (5)

Choose Basic Supplies
How to choose the basic supplies needed for beginning to cross stitch.

Cross Stitch Fabrics and Stitching Surfaces
Many different types of fabrics and stitching surfaces may be used in Cross Stitch embroidery.

Cross Stitch Tools
Top Cross Stitch Tools and Gadgets

Floss Bobbin Winder
A floss bobbin winder will speed up organization of floss in bobbin-based floss storage systems.

How to Care for Aida Fabric
Protecting Aida fabric from damage, Cleaning Aida fabric, how to avoid soiling Aida fabric

How to Make a Floss Storage System
Step-by-Step Instructions describe how to make a floss storage system.

Let There Be Light - Lighting Helps Stitchers Avoid Mistakes
Proper lighting is essential to Cross Stitch success. It is so much easier to stitch on any Cross Stitch Stitching Surface when it is well-illuminated.

Make a Simple Organizer for Organizing Cross Stitch Floss From a Kit
Use this quick and easy method to make a Cross Stitch floss organizer that is particularly effective for organizing floss from a kit.

Online Sources For Cross Stitch Supplies
These online sources for Cross Stitch Supplies are recommended by stitchers just like you. If you have a favorite place to order supplies, let us know by posting in the About.com Cross Stitch Forum.

Small Gifts for Stitchers
Whether you are seeking stocking stuffer ideas or a small gift for mother's day or maybe a suitable present for your favorite stitcher's birthday, you are sure to get some great ideas from this array of suggested gift ideas.

Stitching Spaces
Images of Stitcher's spaces show how Cross Stitch supplies are organized and stored.

Sudberry Floss Organizer
The wooden Sudberry Floss Organizer with Magnet is a handy organizational tool for stitchers.

Waste Canvas
Use waste canvas to make non-evenweave fabric stitchable for Cross Stitch.

Reviews of Products and Accessories Used for Cross Stitch
Got a favorite Cross Stitch product, tool, or accessory? Tell us what you use, why you use it, and if you would recommend it to a friend or not. See submissions

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