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Storage Solutions for Cross Stitch Supplies

Proper organization and storage protects Cross Stitch supplies and tools and prevents purchase of duplicates. Know what you have and where it is using the guidelines in these articles.

How to Make a Floss Storage System
Make a simple embroidery floss storage system with inexpensive supplies you may already have around the house.

Bobbin Storage System for Embroidery Floss
Store embroidery floss on convenient paper or plastic bobbins,

Bag Floss Storage Systems
Purchased plastic bag floss storage systems are an effective way to organize embroidery floss.

Craft Box Floss Storage System
Craft Box Floss Storage Systems provide a simple and effective way to organize embroidery floss and specialty threads. As your collection expands, just add more boxes.

Organize Floss and Beads
Susan Greening Davis offers tips for keeping floss and beads organized and under control.

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