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Bobbin Storage System for Embroidery Floss

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Small Cross Stitch Floss Collection

Small Floss Collection

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When it comes to floss storage, stitchers have many options. Small floss collections may be stored in a plastic box, as shown in the first image. Keeping skeins of floss organized is not very easy when they are jumbled in a box. More organized floss storage systems include plastic bag storage systems, craft boxes, and, the type featured in this article, floss bobbins (shown in the second image).

Paper or plastic floss bobbins are designed to hold one skein of floss. Typically, floss is wound on the bobbin and the color number is written on the bobbin. A floss bobbin winder speeds up the process of winding the floss.

Once the floss is on the bobbin, the bobbins may be placed on a ring (image three) or in a craft box. Rings are also useful for keeping bobbins of floss for specific projects organized.

When choosing floss bobbins, the decision to use paper or plastic bobbins is up to you. If you choose plastic bobbins, you will need to use a permanent ink marker to write the floss number on the bobbin. Whether you choose paper or plastic, be certain that the ink is dry before you handle the floss bobbin or the ink may smear or even stain the floss.

Metallic Floss and Blending Filaments should not be stored on bobbins since these flosses may crinkle and be damaged. Crinkles may be removed from cotton floss by dampening the floss or ironing it.

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