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Small Craft Box

Small Craft Box

Photo: © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.
When it comes to floss storage, there are several options available for stitchers including individual floss bobbins, bag-based floss storage, and, the type featured in this article, craft boxes.

Craft boxes are great for organizing large floss collections. Skeins of floss may be placed in the compartments of floss storage systems, or for more efficient storage, wind floss onto paper or plastic bobbins with a floss bobbin winder, label with color number, and organize bobbins numerically in the craft boxes.

Small craft boxes are useful for organizing floss for a specific project. In the three images you see a small craft box, an open craft box, and a close up of the box. There is a larger opening in this box that holds a small pair of scissors, and I have added a strip of magnetic tape to keep various size tapestry needles and pins organized and handy.
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