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Tips About Stitching on Dark Cross Stitch Fabric

Black or Dark Blue Cross Stitch Fabric


Dark Navy Aida Fabric

18-Count Dark Navy Aida Fabric

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Working with dark Cross Stitch fabric can be very frustrating. One of my works in progress is on a dark blue Aida fabric and I have learned a few tricks to help me see the squares of Aida more easily.
  • Place a white towel or pillowcase below the hoop or stitching frame.
  • Use a bright lamp or light.
  • Stitch for a set period of time and then take a break to allow your eyes to rest.
  • Invest in a light box. Place the light box in your lap and the light will shine up through the fabric, illuminating all the tiny holes in the Aida fabric.
More Tips:

Have you stitched on dark fabric? Got any great secrets for success with dark blue and black Aida and linen fabric? Add your tips for stitching on dark fabric below.

Readers Respond: Cross Stitch Tips for Stitching on Dark Fabric

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