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Tips - Finishing and Framing

Finish or frame Cross Stitch projects with confidence by following the advice in these tips.

Add a Stitched Design to a Tote Bag
Tips about how to add a stitched design to a purchased tote bag.

Alternate Uses for Embroidery Thread
Chances are that we all have extra embroidery floss laying around that we don't plan to use in a stitching project. What are your ideas for other uses for it?

Create a Quick Cross Stitch Candy Dish
Create a cute candy dish by adding a small stitched motif to a paper clip dish. Add your favorite wrapped candy and pep up your desk or give the dish as a gift for Valentine's Day or a special person's birthday.

Cross Stitch Card with a Photo-Frame Card Form
Use a Photo-Frame Card Form to create a simple Cross Stitch Card.

Embellish a Photo Frame Cross Stitch Card
Create a quick Cross Stitch Card using a photo frame card form.

Holiday Ideas - Cross Stitch and Holiday Decorations and Celebrations
Incorporate your favorite hobby into your holiday celebrations as you use Cross Stitch for gifts, cards, decorative ideas, and more.

How to Add Seed Beads to Cross Stitch Designs
Tips about adding seed beads to Cross Stitch Designs including suggested tools and stitching methods.

How to Make a Cross Stitch Card - Fabric Block Method
Use a small Cross Stitch design stitched on Cross Stitch fabric to make a Cross Stitch Card.

How to Make a Cross Stitch Card - Paper Embellishments Method
Use a small Cross Stitch Design and acid-free paper embellishments to make a Cross Stitch Card.

How to Make a Pin from a Small Cross Stitch Design
Use a small Cross Stitch motif to make a pin.

Make a Cross Stitch Card - Band Method
Use a blank card and a band of cross stitch fabric with a small stitched design to create a Cross Stitch card.

Make a Cross Stitch Gift Tag with a Purchased Paper Frame
Use a frame intended for use on a scrapbook page to create a quick Cross Stitch gift tag.

Make a Cross Stitch Treasure Box
Use a Cross Stitch design to embellish a small wooden box.

Share Your Cross Stitch Tips On Making Up and Finishing Projects
Share your Cross Stitch tips on making up and finishing projects. See submissions

Transform a CD with Cross Stitch
Transform an old or unused CD into a Cross Stitch Treasure.

Cross Stitch Humbug Tutorials
Similar to biscornu in function, cross stitch humbug are fun projects for stitchers to work up using rectangular-shaped patterns. They create triangular shaped pincushions or ornaments that may be used for display or even scissor fobs.

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