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Learn to Make a Cross Stitch Humbug


Similar to biscornu in function, cross stitch humbug are fun projects for stitchers to work up using rectangular-shaped patterns. They create triangular shaped pincushions or ornaments that may be used for display or even scissor fobs.

1. Humbug Tutorial

Although it does not include a pattern, the tutorial does include detailed photo and textual instructions for creating a humbug. Created by Faby Reilly. The tutorial is in PDF format for easy printing.

2. Bah, Humbug Tutorial

This humbug tutorial is very detailed and has the bonus of including three bonus free patterns for creating your own humbugs. Instructions by Nita Bishop.

3. Humbug Chicken

The instructions for this tutorial are all photo only and show how to create a humbug chicken. Very cute and sweet.

4. How to Make a Humbug

Tutorial with great tips and multiple photographs. Very good instructions on how to create a humbug.

5. Creative Poppy Humbug Tutorials - Reasonable Prices

All patterns on Creative Poppy's website are printable and available for instant download.

Reader Submissions: How I Completed My Cross Stitch Project

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