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Marty's Vertical Stitching Tip

Helps Keep Back of Stitching Neat


Marty's Vertical Stitching Method

Marty's Vertical Stitching Method

Photo © Marty
Marty shared this tip with an illustration that demonstrates her vertical stitching method. This method helps her keep the backs of her stitching extremely neat.

For a closer view of Marty's illustration, see page two.

Steps Used in Vertical Stitching:

Step One: Stitch from the upper right hand corner of Aida square to the bottom left of the square. Move the needle on the underneath side to the right corner and repeat the process.

Step Two: Shows the backside of the material after Step One is completed.

Step Three: Starting at the bottom of Row 1 on the top left-hand corner, stitch to the bottom right hand. On the underneath side, move the needle up to the next top left hand corner and go to the bottom right hand corner. Repeat until row is complete.

Step One and Three: Shows completed rows of Step One and Three.

Step Four: Shows the backside of the material where the loops are used to tuck the thread under when completing row or starting a new row.

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