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Debbie's Floss Storage Ideas


Debbie submitted these ideas for floss storage. She writes, "Remember 35mm slides? Try re-using 3-ring binder storage pages (and other slide storage containers) for floss bobbin storage. Some of the smaller containers are great to keep individual projects together. The storage pages with plastic pouches for slides will hold orts (stray thread remnants) in with the bobbins easily. Most are archival/conservation quality and protect your threads very well.

Another idea - use photo boxes. For the various commercial brands of floss bags -- catch photo boxes on sale and make a railing with a small dowel rod, sturdy bamboo skewer or piece of wire coat hanger and thread the baggies of thread onto (most will have a hole already punched; if not use a hole punch on the bag). In some of the photo boxes you get nice divider tabs and the bookendish thing that lets you tighten up only partially filled containers like a file drawer. Ziploc or other food bags (while not recommended for long-term storage) such as 'snack size' will also fit these photo boxes well but can damage thread by trapping moisture/humidity. If you still want to use the food bags, please do punch extra air holes in the bags. You might also want to place some of the silica gel bags (the desiccant things you get in shoe boxes and other containers that warn 'do not eat') in the boxes to help prevent humidity damage."

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