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Cross Stitch Stitching Surface - Vinyl Aida


Vinyl Aida

Vinyl Aida

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Stitching Surface:

Vinyl Aida is typically available in 14-count and 18-count sizes.

Characteristics of Vinyl Aida:

  • Vinyl Aida can be cut or folded making it great for 3-D projects.
  • Vinyl Aida will not rip, fray, or shrink making it great for magnets, placemats, bookmarks and similar cross stitch projects.
  • Vinyl Aida is durable.

Using Vinyl Aida:

Although it may take a few moments to become accustomed to the stiffness of Vinyl Aida, stitch on the vinyl just as you would on regular Aida fabric. Vinyl Aida is compatible with all Cross Stitch patterns.

Share Your Experiences with Vinyl Aida:

Do you have a tip about working with Vinyl Aida? Complete the Cross Stitch Tip Submission Form and share your experience with other stitchers.
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