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CraftOptics Telescopes

Reader Reviews: Reviews of Products and Accessories Used for Cross Stitch

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By Jeff Caplan

CraftOptics Telescopes

CraftOptics Telescopes

CraftOptics Telescopes

Geraldine sees the details!

Cross Stitch Products, Tools, and Accessories

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CraftOptics Telescopes

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Brief Description of Product 

Surgical quality, hands-free magnification for artists & craftspeople

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Associated with the company that produces the product? 

I own the company

My Review 

Full disclosure: I own CraftOptics! So, that means that I am of course biased. However, we have helped so many people see the fine details of their crafts better and more comfortably that I wanted to let you know what we do.

So, while I am biased, here are a few unsolicited customer comments we received on our web site:

"They're SO light! I'm having trouble remembering not to pull things up to my eyes, but that's a good thing!"

"I am so grateful for these wonderful glasses. I've tried other options but always wound up constantly switching between several pair of readers. Wish I'd found you sooner."

And one of my favorites:

"Just got my CraftOptics and can I say how impressed I am!! LOVE them!! I can see my work now without having to hold it 4 inches from my eyes which is what I had to do with my cheap old magnifiers. This is so much better...no more neck and back strain, not to mention the eye strain I had before!"

So, what are these CraftOptics Telescopes? Do you know those glasses your dentist wears while working on you? They are very much like those glasses, only better looking, lighter and considerably more cost effective.

The patented lightweight telescopes come attached to a titanium eyeglass frame (it is a complete unit, not a clip-on), and your personal prescription is installed in the frame to create a custom vision device (even if you wear bifocals or progressives or have astigmatism).

We have two working distances for the telescopes--13" for bench work and 16" for work in more relaxed positions (many cross-stitchers, for example).


Outstanding optics, comfortable working distances, comfortable frame, lightweight, easy to use, you can see above the telescopes to watch TV while working or see your patterns or tools, personal vision prescription installed (including reading prescriptions--excellent for bifocal or progressive lens users), risk-free 30 day return policy, Facebook Friend exclusive discounts (www.facebook.com/craftoptics)


Unfortunately, they are not free (they are similar in cost to a decent pair of glasses with progressive lenses). However, our customers very quickly see the value in CraftOptics Telescopes as you can see from the above comments.

Another con to some is that it isn't a clip-on. Our frame is designed specifically to hold the telescopes and line up properly with your eyes to create an easy-to-use device. A clip-on would not line up well as individual frame designs vary greatly.

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Connie G. Barwick, About.com Cross-Stitch, says:

Jeff was kind enough to provide me a pair of the CraftOptics Telescopes to try out. The glasses are well-made and so comfortable. I am amazed at how effective they are, and how easy they are to use. Stitchers who have difficulty seeing details will find that problem eradicated!

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