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Easy Count Guideline

Reader Reviews: Reviews of Products and Accessories Used for Cross Stitch

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By Linda Dulin

Easy Count Guideline


Cross Stitch Products, Tools, and Accessories

Name of product: 

Easy Count Guide Line

Date of Purchase (approximate): 

A year or so ago

Brief Description of Product 

Used for gridding so that you can easily find your place.

Frequency of Use 


Associated with the company that produces the product? 

No Association

My Review 

This item I use all the time because I am getting to an age where I can not see as well as I used to. You use this product to mark off every 10 lines both vertically and horizontally starting at the center of the fabric. You knot it on one end and just weave it through the 10th line up and down every 10 lines. It does take a little time to do it, but boy does it cut of time for me. I just can't make those magnetic things work, I can't see them well enough and this I can see.

I have only had one problem with the stuff. One time the color of my thread made it hard to see the guide line. It is a very bright red and is similar to fishing line in texture.

It is removable and reusable. I love it. It won't work for people who just want to jump into the project - but for us seniors or for those with vision problems - it really helps.

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