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Melissa's Waste Canvas Project

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By Melissa Healey

Melissa's Waste Canvas Project

V is for visit

Melissa's Waste Canvas Project

Another view of V is for visit

Design Name and Theme

I got this design from Camp Grandma's ABC's for the FAMILY - Designs by Gloria and Pat

Tools and Techniques Used

I used a child's size light blue t-shirt(pre-washed of course). I also used 8 count waste canvas. I also used DMC floss. When I did the stitching I used three strands of thread for cross stitching and two strands for back stitching. I was surprised how fast the project went for me,I had a lot of fun stitching this project. My kids also had a lot of fun because they got to tear out the waste canvas. I got inspired for this project because I made my girls each a shirt and thought this other little girl would like one as well. I just thought it would be a neat idea to make the girl's shirts with the letters of their first name on it. For my girls it worked out perfectly because my girls picked out their own shirts and they got to pull out the waste canvas of their own shirts and wear them to school with big smiles on their faces.


  • Make sure for cross stitching you use three strands of thread. For back-stitching use two strands of floss. Just have fun when you do this design. I made it for a little girl who is a good friend of our family.

Connie G. Barwick, About.com Cross-Stitch, says:

What a sweet gift! It's nice to be able to use Cross Stitch to personalize clothing for friends and family.

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