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By cathartes



Name of the Pattern Used


from the free Thistle Flower Cross Stitch pattern

Supplies Used and Project Purpose

Connie recently added this pattern and it caught my interest. I wanted to see what I could do with it in terms of color.

I used 18 count Aida, off white (just some random scrap I had in the drawer)

I used DMC 153 (light lavender), 553 (purple), 904 (green) and 4070 Green Variations. Around the edge I used some glass beads with iridescent purples and blues.


  • For me choosing which part of the design should be which color was difficult. I couldn't seem to "see" what some of the elements were supposed to be.
  • Using beads made the outer ring appear more irregular than it should be. I didn't follow the pattern on the bottom half, just stitched a bead wherever I thought it would look OK.

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