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Stitching the Night Away - Shop and Learn

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By Loretta Oliver

Stitching the Night Away - Shop and Learn


Stitching the Night Away - Shop and Learn

Cross and Moon Pattern

Shop Name

Stitching the Night Away (since 2001)

Loretta Oliver, owner

Location and History

Stitching the Night Away is internet only, but I would love to open a brick and mortar some day. I work from home, so being virtual just seemed like the natural solution for me and allowed me to reach a vast group of people.


  • Take your project off the q-snap or out of the hoop when you're not stitching.
  • Cross all X's in the same direction (whether that be left or right)
  • Stop, take a deep breath, and untangle that tangled floss.

What types of products and services are offered?

Free cross stitch patterns such as the Cross and Moon pattern shown here, cross stitch supplies, cross stitch questions and answers, project ideas, and more.

Is framing completed onsite?

No framing services offered at this time.

Provide details about classes, retreats, or gatherings.

Virtual classes expected to start Fall-Winter 2011

Why come back? What is special about this shop?

We offer more than just cross stitch supplies. At Stitching the Night Away we want you to have the best stitching experience possible

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