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Compact Floss Storage

Submit an Entry: Share Your Cross Stitch Tips On Using and Storing Cross Stitch Floss

By yellowbusdriver

The problem or situation I faced was...

How to store my stranded cotton so that it was easy to access and did not take up much room.

How I solved the problem or changed the situation.

In photo storage boxes. The numbers are on the outside of the boxes and the stranded cotton is stored one to a snack bag, and in numerical order.When I an stitching a chart, I put each color in a portable carrier, made for nails and screws, and label each bin. I have limited storage room and I tried a few different storage options until I came up with this one.

Tips and Tricks

  • For storing charts, leaflets, pieces of fabric and ideas I use binders with page protectors. I use blank address labels to note the content of each binder.

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