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From the article: Cross Stitch Magazines
A subscription to a Cross Stitch magazine helps expand your pattern collection, allows you to learn new stitches and skills, and assists you in keeping up with the latest trends. What is your favorite magazine and why?

The World of Cross Stitching

I love their freebies and new projects. They showcase a lot of new stuff in cross stitch and they helped me a lot on techniques. I get to know designers and cross stitch books. It's like this magazine is feeding my passion in cross stitching by reading (which is another passion of mine).
—Guest Angely Dobbs

Cross Stitch Collection

My favorite cross stitch magazine is the Cross Stitch Collection as it usually has a Joan Elliott design, but have also found several patterns to make as gifts. Just a really great magazine.
—Guest Christine

UK Cross Stitch Magazines

I love all of them, but they run about $50-60 a year each, $11 apiece at Joann's. Is there any way to get them through the US at a lower price?

UK Magazines

The best cross stitch magazines are from the UK. I subscribe to 6 of them! Cross Stitch Crazy and Cross Stitch Card Shop are my favorites.

Cross Stitch Gold

The UK publication Cross Stitch Gold is my favorite. I think all the UK XS mags are far superior to those we get here in the US.
—Guest Terri

For the Love of Cross Stitch

loved this book very much, have won several bids on Ebay for issues from the premier to the 2002 issue. Have made so many things using their patterns, I'm so sad that they are not in print anymore.
—Guest Patti


I like cross stitch card shop for small designs and cross stitch collection for large designs
—Guest christine kleinschmidt

Really miss it!

For the Love of Cross Stitch was my fav. Really miss it - I saved a number of patterns from the issues!
—Guest beckyk428

Favorite magazines

I also love the English mags but I love the american Just Cross Stitch!
—Guest Eileen Fornash

Fave Magazine

I enjoy Just Cross Stitch... but they all have something to offer at one time or another, right? All depends on the project! :) -- StitchKat, http://centerstitch.blogspot.com/
—Guest StitchKat

Favorite Magazine

I love the British magazines, but don't get them very often. My favorite is the Ornament edition of Just Cross Stitch. I have made so many of the beautiful ornaments over the years. I look forward to that issue so much each year! I enjoy the little stories about the designers and their recipes. I am looking forward to the 2009 issue!!! Time to stitch for Christmas!

UK Cross Stitch Magazines

I can't wait to get my UK CrossStitch magazines in the mail. I started getting them years ago when visiting my daughter and family who moved to England. Each one of them is full of many patterns and they even give a gift usually related to cross stitching or even a small kit to take along with you in your purse. US magazines are rather boring in comparison to the many UK ones. I luv them all!
—Guest Jan Carlin

Treasures in Needlework

This short lived magazine had some of the most beautiful patterns ever!
—Guest erisraven

Favourite magazines

I love the UK magazines. In particular World of Cross-Stitch, Cross Stitch Crazy, Cross Stitch Card Shop and Brit's #1 Cross Stitcher. They have some of the cutest and fun designs. The Card Shop has some of the best small projects for awesome quick stitch gifties. I also love the little free kits that some times come with them. I can never run out of things to do!
—Guest Athena B

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